1 Meter


Approx 20-25 people grazing


2 Meters


Approx 40-45 people grazing


3 Meters


Approx 60-65 people grazing


Dessert Grazing - 1 Meter


Our classy take on the lolly buffet and includes a DONUT WALL! 


Breakfast Grazing - 1 Meter


Approx 20 - 25 people grazing


After something larger?


Please contact us for a quote for larger grazing tables or special requests. 

grazing tables

What's included you ask?

  • Cured deli meats - Includes a variety of fresh deli meats, which may include salami (mild & spicy), pancetta, ham, prosciutto & Italian sausage . Please note, meats may vary depending on availability. 
  • Cheese - Includes a variety of hand-picked cheeses, Camembert,  Brie, stinky blue, vintage cheddar, edam, gouda, apricot and almond 
  • Freshly made dips & spreads,  typically humus dip, beetroot dip, trout dip or avocado dip. Fig jam, chilli jam & quince paste
  • Assorted pickles, dill pickles, roasted vegetables & olives, grilled eggplant, capsicum and mushrooms, artichokes, cornichons & caper berries. Please note grilled vegetables may vary depending on availability. 
  • Fresh vegetables & fruit, dependent on fresh seasonal produce.
  • Nuts & dried fruit - Includes a delicious variety of gourmet dried fruit and nuts, such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, sultanas and cranberries 
  • Breads & crackers, fresh sliced sourdough loaf, toasted flat bread, bread sticks, water crackers and  Lavosh crackers. 
  • Sweet treats - a variety of pretzels, dark chocolate, caramel popcorn and fudge  

Our aim is to provide as much variety in each of the above as possible, to ensure you and your guests have the perfect grazing experience! But, if there is something you specifically wish to see, or want us to avoid please let us know and we can have a chat about alternatives.  


Includes our specialty Donut Wall, chocolate brownies with berries, lemon curd slice, meringues, chocolate dipped strawberries, selection of dark and whites chocolates, caramel popcorn, nougat, marshmallows, nutella, chocolate sultanas and nuts, fresh and dried fruit.


Includes a selection of assorted yoghurts & granola cups, croissants with ham & Swiss, gourmet cheeses, deli meats, waffles, nut clusters, fresh seasonal fruit, banana bread, selection of grainy and sourdough breads, chunky avocado dip, tomato and onion salsa, and crackers.

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